Lawmakers as well as advocates for the Lead-Free Kids Coalition are addressing childhood lead poisoning prevention. Advocates are asking for funding that would help the state solve and prevent these issues. 

According to the CDC, lead poisoning happens when a person swallows or breathes in lead dust which usually comes from paint containing lead. It can also be found in some toys and jewelry. Children under the age of six are most at risk.

The Coalition is asking for $50 million in the budget. The money would go towards helping landlords renovate houses and supporting the county department of health to help children who have already been poisoned. 

Executive director of Clean & Healthy NY, Bobbi Wilding explained why its necessary to address the lead issue, “And really we believe that this is critical this year because lead poisoning has plagued us for far too long. It’s time to pivot from treating kids like test strips and only taking action after they’ve been harmed and actually preventing it by removing it from our homes.”

Lead based paints were not banned in the US until 1978. Lead poisoning can lead to serious health issues like learning disabilities, speech and language problems and attention deficit disorder.