ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) –The fight for GOP leadership happening in Washington, but also right here in New York. Lawrence Garvey is throwing his hat in the ring for the state’s Republican Chairman position which was vacated by Nick Langworthy, after he won a Congressional seat this past November.

Technically, Nick Langworthy still holds the title of New York’s GOP Chairman until he gives a formal resignation, which he is expected to do. This will be followed by a meeting where members of the GOP Committee nominate a candidate. Lawrence Garvey is hoping to win that title. Garvey was born and raised in Rockland County where he’s been GOP Chairman for the past 9 years. He said he’s accomplished major success in Rockland which he’d also like to see throughout the state. 

“Well I think that the State party needs to go back to some of its roots and what we call ‘hand-to-hand politics’, what we call ‘the ground game’ and help the 62 county chairs do what they do best, which is just get the message out by knocking on doors, by visiting people, by forming coalitions,” he said. Garvey also pointed to the recent race for Governor with Lee Zeldin and Governor Hochul; Zeldin missed his shot at Governor by just 5.5 points. “He did phenomenal when you compare that to any gubernatorial candidate, Republican gubernatorial candidate in the past generation. So we have to take what he started, what he accomplished and we have to build on it.” he said.

Garvey said there are two main reasons why Zeldin didn’t take the win. One is that counties didn’t have the resources needed to pull people out to vote, which is something he’d work on. And two: “A lot of people still don’t trust Republicans in New York State to hold power, at least on a state-wide level and that’s messaging from the State party so we have to start that immediately and convince the people why it’s so important that Republicans are elected state-wide.” Candidates running for the position will need to be backed by majority support from the Committee.