CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) -With some of the first snow falling in November, local lawn care experts say now is the perfect time to continue with upkeep. NEWS10’s Anthony Krolikowski shares what homeowners may want to look into before winter.

From Schroon Lake to Albany County, Grasshopper Gardens of Gansevoort has been servicing lawns for thirty years. Fall marks the start of winterizing grass in three parts: raking foliage, fertilizer, and one last mow.

“That helps prevent funguses and snow molds that can happen through the wintertime. If we have a winter that is very damp and warm with a lot of snow, the ground doesn’t freeze very good and then it ends up rotting underneath the snow. If you have a dry winter that doesn’t have a lot of snow cover, it can burn the grass,” explained CEO of Grasshopper Gardens, John Delisle.

Delisle says shrubs and flower beds involve similar care with a proactive approach that extends yard life and beauty. “We like to prune them down now before the wintertime which will help springtime. They’ll shoot out new, fresh growth and flower really nice for you.”

And don’t forget about your trees, as you may want to consider the condition they’re in. Trail Based Tree Service of Schenectady looks to axe those rotting that look healthy at first glance.

“We have seen a lot of trees start to fail as far as shedding deadwood in preparation for compartmentalization for the wintertime. It’s near impossible to know exactly what’s going on inside a tree without doing some kind of density testing on it or sounding it with a certain type of equipment,” described Jeremy Sporbeck with Trail Based Tree Service.

Sporbeck says checking with your local arborist can prevent major tree-related disasters especially when we got those heavy winter storms. “Whether there’s a tree close to somebody’s house or their business, or even stuff near the powerlines that may cause a risk for the utilities, we have been able to handle those tasks.”