ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Wednesday, Lawmakers reacted to the apology Governor Cuomo made during his March 3 press conference. Following his COVID-19 briefing, the Governor said he would not be resigning before claiming he is “truly sorry if he hurt or offended anyone and that was never his intention.”

During the announcement, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik tweeted: This is the #CorruptCuomo way. Try to distract, ignore, and avoid. Don’t let him get away with it.

State senator and Chair of the Senate Ethics and Internal Governance Committee, Alessandra Biaggi, tweeted both during and after the announcement.

The senator cites a photograph of the Governor and Anna Ruch claiming it contradicts his statement.

Biaggi then followed up by tweeting “The Governor of NY is trying to normalize his unwanted kiss of a 33 y/o woman by saying this is how I greet “hundreds of people”.”

She then stated that New Yorkers would like to see records of the Governor completing the mandatory sexual harassment training he claims to have taken.

Senator Jim Tedisco said: “I guess he (Cuomo) thinks a 63-year-old Governor asking a 25-year-old staff member if she “had ever been with an older man” is just small talk around the water cooler?”

Senator Mike Martucci described the Governor’s statement as “provably false” before again calling on him to resign.

“Today I watched a press briefing where the Governor simultaneously revealed his “agreement” to limit his own powers and repeatedly denied inappropriately touching anyone. The latter is provably false, and the former is classic Albany – a political ruse.

Like his efforts to control an investigation where he is the target, his attempt to control how or if his emergency powers are rescinded is similarly illegitimate. I oppose this “agreement” and I’ll make a counteroffer to the Governor instead: Resign!”

Senator Mike Martucci

Assemblyman Chris Tague described the announcement as a “shallow attempt at an apology” claiming “what New Yorkers needed to see today was the Governor resign.”

“I was wrong! After today’s performance by Gov. Cuomo, as he choked himself up and feigned tears for the cameras, it is clear he really does deserve the Emmy he won.

What New Yorkers needed to see today was the Governor resign, and what they got instead was a shallow attempt at an apology that did nothing to help anybody he’s hurt.

Assemblyman Chris Tague

Assemblyman Mike Lawler highlighted that Cuomo only apologized to one of his three accusers during the press conference.