ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Multiple lawmakers have reacted to the latest allegations emerging against Governor Cuomo. On Saturday evening, the Wall Street Journal reported a fourth former staffer has come forward and accused the Governor of acting inappropriately with her.

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara continued his call for the Governor’s resignation when he spoke to News10 following the new accusations. The Assemblyman said: “It’s clear the Governor has a pattern of behavior that is unacceptable for State Government.” before saying the Legislature must take action.

“It’s clear that the governor has a pattern of behavior that is unacceptable for state government. We’re supposed to be working on a budget right now, instead, the governor’s in crisis mode– he’s clearly distracted.

As I said before, we need to keep all options on the table if he refuses to resign. This legislature must take action. We cannot allow this type of behavior to exist in our state government.”

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik called Cuomo a “pervasive criminal sexual predator” and criticized Democrats response to the allegations;

Democratic Assemblyman Ron T. Kim, a strong critic of Cuomo in recent weeks, also called for the Legislature to take action and called for the Governor’s impeachment.

In an earlier tweet, Kim called on the Governor to resign while “we investigate his wrongdoings.”

State senator and Chair of the Senate Ethics and Internal Governance Committee, Alessandra Biaggi tweeted: “The Governor of New York should not be kissing the hands of anyone that works for him.”

Assembly Republican Leader Will Barclay issued the following statement as well:

“In the wake of mounting sexual harassment allegations and a potentially criminal nursing home cover-up, Andrew Cuomo has offered excuses, explanations and half-hearted apologies. He must now offer his immediate resignation.

Assembly Republicans called for an Impeachment Commission two weeks ago, when it became clear the public was deceived about the nursing home tragedy which claimed the lives of more than 15,000 seniors. Since that time, multiple women have courageously stepped forward with disturbing accounts of harassment, describing personal encounters with the governor that have been both abusive and unacceptable. Democrat majorities have shown no support for an Impeachment Commission and have still failed to utilize legislative powers to begin hearings and investigations. 

Gov. Cuomo says he has no intention of resigning. He and his team would prefer New Yorkers to sit back and wait for the attorney general to conduct her work.     

But waiting is no longer a luxury that can be afforded to a governor who has lost our trust. The Cuomo Administration is out of excuses, out of credibility and out of time. For the 213 members of the Legislature, our path is clear: if the governor is unwilling to step down and resolve this himself, we must be prepared to do it for him.”