GLENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10)- Three lawmakers are asking the state to explore legislation that would allow municipalities to take legal action against the state and force railroad companies to figure out a way to stop repeated bridge strikes in Glenville.

Glenville Town Supervisor, Chris Koetzle, told NEWS10 in mid-March the bridge has been hit around 45 times in the past three years. Koetzle, along with Senator Jim Tedisco, and Assemblymember Mary Beth Walsh, said “Enough is Enough” on Wednesday.

“We have continued to encourage both DOT (Department of Transporation) and CP Rail to rectify this situation. I call on both of them to raise the bridge before there are any more injuries or worse, a death. In the meantime, DOT needs to close the road to truck traffic immediately,” said Koetzle.

The push comes after another tractor-trailer struck the bridge on Tuesday. A resident went to the hospital with a neck injury after they were forced to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting debris, the lawmakers said.

Four months ago, a $450 fine was imposed for drivers who hit the bridge. At that time Koetzle told NEWS10 he wanted the DOT to close Glenridge Road to truck traffic and set up a truck route.

“We have told the state and the railroad over and over these Glenridge Road bridge strikes not only impact our local economy but are a clear and present danger to our residents,” said Sen. Tedisco. “The next time this happens, it could be a huge chunk of steel from a truck crashing into a car and killing a family.”

“Nationally, we are having a conversation about what ‘infrastructure’ includes. Well, there’s no question that this railroad bridge is failing infrastructure, and that corrective action such as raising the height of the bridge, closing the underpass to all truck traffic, requiring commercial GPS to be utilized in every commercial large vehicle — or a combination of these or other measures — must be taken immediately,” said Assemblymember Walsh.