ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This week on Empire State Weekly, state lawmakers continue to be at odds over where to house the swelling number of asylum seekers being bused to New York City from the U.S. southern boarder. This comes as multiple counties outside of the city issue states of emergency to resist taking on and housing new migrants.

Congressional Representative Marc Molinaro, explained that he believes the president and the white house have not taken preventative action, to handle additional migrants coming, ahead of the expiration of Title 42.

“and the governor and the president should have declared a state of emergency. The president’s yet to do that, direct federal and state resources to the city of New York and allow and assist the city in addressing their welcoming community, right? Their status, and these individuals within the city and not outsource these human lives simply because it’s cheaper,” Said Molinaro.

Also this week, law enforcement statewide are prepared to increase patrols as part of a crackdown on impaired and distracted driving over memorial day weekend. State Police Major Brent Davison with Traffic Enforcement explained the special enforcement will last through Tuesday May 30th.

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