ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)– State lawmakers are planning on a late night at the Capitol.

“We are going to go until it’s done,” Assembly Speaker, Carl Heastie told reporters on Tuesday.

Heastie anticipates the Assembly will be voting on the budget until a little after midnight, while the Senate expects to be done before then. A budget extender was passed Monday night to ensure state workers continue to get paid.

“We’re almost done,” said Governor Kathy Hochul. “It’s nearing its completion and I think when New Yorkers look back, they don’t care so much about the time element involved. That time element gave me the necessary time to really get signature bills and ideas over the finish line.”

I would say that when you take out some of the policy stuff, this checked a lot of boxes on the things that members of the assembly support. Maybe not at the levels that the members would have liked, but I would say this is probably— this might be the best non-pandemic budget I’ve seen in my 23 years in the Assembly.”

Republican Assembly Minority Leader, Will Barclay feels differently. One of his main issues, the budget is $229 billion.

“It spends a lot,” said Barclay. “It doesn’t really provide any relief for affordability that New Yorkers are struggling with. And it’s a month late. If I had to grade this budget, I’d give it failing grades.”

However, he is happy that the least restrictive means standard is being removed from the state’s bail laws, although he doesn’t think it goes far enough.

The legislature has already passed half of the budget bills with the remaining to be voted on tonight, including the big ugly— a bill with controversial issues such as changes to bail and charter schools.