Latham man spending thousands after four tires stolen from vehicle overnight


LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local man woke up one morning to find the tires on his vehicle had been stolen the night before.

On the Monday before Thanksgiving, Michael MacDonald did what he always does.

“Parked the car at about 11 p.m., got out about 6:30 Tuesday morning, and that’s when I noticed a car with the back tire and rim off,” he said.

When he took a closer look, he realized it was his car.

“I took a step back and noticed that all the tires on one side were off,” he recalled. “Then I walked around to the other side and realized that all four tires were gone and somebody had put them up on cinder blocks.”

MacDonald couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Four thousand dollars worth of damage,” he said. “I mean, it was pretty shocking just to get some tires.”

Word quickly spread to his neighbors at Latham Village Apartments. Isabel Cardona said what happened to MacDonald is cause for concern.

“It’s kind of like, well, Latham’s a nice area; to hear something like that, it’s like, who are you?” she wondered. “Why would you do something like this?”

Statistically, Honda tires, like the 2014 Accord MacDonald was driving, are targeted by thieves. Therefore, neighbor Surye Poudel uses lug nuts to help lock his.

“Yeah, I mean, if it happens to my neighbors, it can happen to me, too, he said.

But why Honda tires? Robert Ensign owns Ensign Auto Body in Latham. He said the tires on Hondas are popular and easy to flip for a profit.

“Most of these are ending up on your Facebook pages – your Craigslist – and they end up for sale again,” he explained.

That translates to hundreds of thousands of dollars for thieves.

“This is common across the country,” Ensign said.

In the end, MacDonald not only lost his tires but also his piece of mind.

“It’s a little nerve-racking now because I have a loaner, and it’s a little hard for me to park the car out here now, or I don’t know what to do as far as feeling comfortable again,” he said.

Colonie police said tires being stolen from cars usually takes place at car dealerships, but they recommend  everyone make sure they have the proper insurance that covers tire theft.

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