LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — This weekend marks 21 years since the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Many in the Capital Region are hosting remembrance events and honoring first responders. 13 heroes were honored Saturday at the Latham Fire Department for their service during the 9/11 terror attacks.

“If there’s one thing I want to relay it’s the selflessness we all had to actually go down there and do what needed to be done,” Latham Fire Chief Vincent Giovannone said.

These local first responders were on the ground just hours after the attacks — heeding the call to New York City after the Governor’s Emergency Declaration, aiding rescue and recovery efforts for over two weeks. 

Sean Froelich, Phillip Winglosky, Joshua Collins, Richard Barlette, Gerald Morigerato, Vincent Giovannone, Warren Carr, Jr., Paul Fink, Arthur Wagoner, Thomas Vogel, Susan Kuhne, Matthew Peterson and Robert Crowley were all honored. 

Chief Vincent Giovannone said he remembers where he was the moment the attacks happened.

“The phone at the house had rang several times, I had gotten up, talked to my mother briefly she let me know what was going on and I immediately turned the TV on and could see what was happening,” Giovannone said.

And he remembers the call to action just hours later, arriving to New York City and seeing an indescribable scene.

“There was a lot more destruction than what you would see on TV, dust like snow everywhere, in everything, it’s really kind of hard to describe,” Giovannone said.

A bronze plaque of the Twin Towers was unveiled at the ceremony commemorating the 21st anniversary of the attacks, their names are now always on display in the Fire Dept., serving as a permanent reminder of a day many in the Capital Region and across the Country will never forget. 

“We made a promise to many of the people that I knew that had died, both in the fire department and police department that we would never forget them. So it’s very important each year that we remember them regardless of what day 9/11 falls on,” Gerry Morigerato, former Chief of Latham Fire Department, said.