ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Days after snow blanketed much of the Capital Region and Hudson Valley, some roads and sidewalks still remain covered in it Posing a safety hazard for drivers and pedestrians alike.

“With a storm like this, it’s very difficult because it wasn’t just snow that fell,” said Frank Zeoli, deputy commissioner of Albany’s Department of General Services. “It was frozen precipitation on top of snow on top of it, so it made it very difficult.”

Zeoli says cleanup will continue throughout the week. To further aid cleanup, the city of Albany announced parking restrictions in Washington Park have been suspended. Meaning people can park their cars throughout the park while crews work to clear some of the city’s more narrow streets until Friday.

“The whole idea of that is it’ll give us a chance to get as many cars off the road and the streets surrounding Washington Park during their normal parking restrictions,” Zeoli explained. “We will utilize those parking restrictions and have them move to the spots in Washington Park then we can get closer to the curb.”

The city of Troy is also continuing its cleanup efforts. Still, some sidewalks have yet to be cleared.

Troy spokesperson John Salka said that, besides it being a law to clear your sidewalk, it is also about being a good neighbor. He said, “Clearing your sidewalks is incredibly important from a standpoint of accessibility and from a standpoint of public safety in general. Clearing your sidewalk not only allows your neighbors to reach one another but it’s also really important for public services.”

With temperatures warming slightly this week, officials in both cities hope the warmer weather will help thaw some of the snow and ice.