ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — This year’s legislative session is coming to an end. What does this mean for the state of New York? Some top concerns right now are abortion access and gun legislation. 

As part of the Governors gun reform package, the Assembly today passed legislation that would tackle hate speech online, but it has not yet passed in the Senate. The bill would make it easier for those online to report what they deem as hate speech and requires companies to disclose how they respond to those reports. This bill is a direct response to the mass shooting in Buffalo, where the shooter posted a racist online manifesto. 

Assemblywoman Michaelle Solage explains, “There needs to be a clearer way for people to report hate speech and that if there is any impropriety done by these social media companies the AG has the authority to go after them. Very simple. Ya know, we just wanna make sure that if people are using social media in a way that’s not protected by the first amendment which is hate speech that it’s regulated.”

And when it comes to abortion, democrats are expanding abortion access for those outside of New York. They also passed legislation that would study crisis pregnancy centers. Republican Senator, George Borrello says both pregnancy centers and planned parenthood have a mission. 

“Meanwhile these crisis centers are not funded at all by federal dollars or state dollars but we’re gonna study them. So if you want to do a comprehensive study about women’s health services that examines both those that provide abortions and those that council against abortions thats a different story. This is targeting one segment. For political reasons only,” he said.

There are still plenty of bills for lawmakers to debate. We’ll be keeping you informed as the last session day unfolds.