ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) -When it comes to the way Lark Street operates, city contractors are looking to modernize the block for a more walkable future. On July 31, the work zone will be set up, and on August 7, construction will begin. The streetscape is expected to be finished by late Fall of 2023.

From overall safety to cleanup efforts, Lark Street has some busy months ahead of itself. Over at Herbie’s Burgers, a former resident was catching up with family over some food and drinks. When told about the coming changes, Nick Vicente was hopeful for what the city will do.

“I do look forward to, as a former resident, coming to see the old structures that are still being held up. But I do look forward to some of the things coming to change downtown,” said Vicente.

To current residents, some say the cobblestone intersections are part of the history of Albany. The city plans to alter the streetscape by removing all three entirely, with Tara Ramsey wondering why. “I think that it is a historic site and that it slows traffic. It’s a safety spot on Lark Street.”

According to Frank Zeoli with the Department of General Services, stamped asphalt strips will be used to calm traffic. Sidewalk extensions will also be in place at the intersections to promote slower speeds and keep pedestrians safe.

Even with the past being removed, Ramsey is looking forward to a safer street. “Everything that they do is to upgrade the city and help us to grow into a better community.”

The city is also looking to make Lark Street more traversable for everyone. Wheel chair ramps will be restored and detectable pedestrian warnings installed along with actuation devices already in use. “Access obviously is a big thing that we need for everybody just to be able to share the ability to see Albany’s beauty,” explained Vicente.

On the topic of beauty, new trees will be planted along with new benches, bike racks and trash cans. Even lights will be strung across the street. All of this is possible through a seven hundred fifty thousand dollar Federal Aid award.