LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Monday, the Lake George Park Commission announced that the yearly mandatory boat inspection program would be delayed a month, starting implementation on June 1 instead of the usual May 1 date, citing COVID-19-related health concerns.

The inspections are conducted annually to confirm boat safety, as well as to handle environmental concerns including pollution and stopping the spread of invasive plant species.

“The Commission must balance the risk of new introductions of aquatic invasive species versus the health and safety of the public and our staff,” said commission Chairman Bruce Young in a release. “An analysis of launch data from the past six years of the mandatory inspection program shows a lower risk for invasives introductions in the month of May compared with the summer months. Only 4% of annual decontaminations occur in May, and most boats are being launched for the first time of the season.”

Also Monday, The FUND for Lake George, a nonprofit group working to protect water quality in Lake George and the watershed, put out a statement in support of the decision.

“We remind everyone that boats must still be clean, drained and dry before launching, and are
required to have a 2020 Lake George inspection sticker,” said FUND Executive Director Eric Siy. “We trust that anyone launching and enjoying their boat during this temporary absence of the inspection stations will do so with public health and safety foremost in their mind, and the long-term interests of a healthy Lake George at heart.”

The FUND for Lake George was an early supporter of the inspection program.