ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The trial for Jacob Klein continues. Klein is accused of killing Philip Rabadi in his home in April 2022.

The court saw body camera footage from April 15, 2022, the day Klein was arrested on the Virginia and Tennessee border. That footage revealed Klein told police he knew why they were here and that he was going to turn himself in.

In the video, Tennessee State Police pull Klein over and instruct him to get on the ground with their guns drawn. Klein said he was not going to escalate the situation, that he respects police and would never shoot a cop.

The court also watched rear seat footage from the police car that clearly shows Klein, handcuffed, before he was taken into custody by Virginia State Police.

Klein objected to that video, after it was entered into evidence, and motioned for a mistrial. He argued the jury could interpret his silence in the video as a “sign of a guilty conscience.” His motion was denied by the judge.

Virginia State Police testified about their search of Klein’s home. They found a red sweatshirt and shorts, flagged as significant by police. They also located a gun and knife in Klein’s home and another gun and knife in his car. They collected phones, laptops and hard drives.

Testimony will continue Sept. 28 at 9:30 a.m.