LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Back in February, Chad Rabinovitz stepped down from his six-year run as creative director of the Adirondack Theatre Festival, after steering the event through rough waters through COVID-19.

Now, you might be surprised where you can find him. He’s behind the counter at a new candy shop, inviting excited kids to shoot capsules of candy into outer space.

That’s the idea at The Candy Space, Rabinovitz’s new shop founded together with the owners of Green Mountain Commons at the Lake George outlet mall on Route 9.

The push of a button sends capsules of candy, or anything else in the store, through a series of tubes that run along and through the store’s ceiling, with Rabinovitz chiming in all the while as the sweets eventually make their way back down to earth.

“Here it goes, through the milky way and on to the moon.”

For Rabinovitz, that’s how his new gig and his other life – at the other theater company he still runs in Indiana – sync up. It’s all about giving every visitor at the outlets a unique experience.

Everyone who launches their purchase through the tubes gets a special badge to mark the occasion.

Getting the tubes built was no easy feat. Holes had to be cut in the roof, and Rabinovitz had to work with three separate companies to get the right shapes and curves to watch a lit-up tube pass through.

The shop has been open just a few days, and already Rabinovitz said he’s had people ask: “Are you guys a franchise?”