ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS 10) – At some point all parents are faced with the inevitable question, “When should my kid get a cellphone?” And now, more than ever, with the pandemic driving millions of kids online for school and giving them unprecedented access to the internet, concerns over online safety and what are kids are exposed to is at an all-time high.

Bill Brady, the co-founder and CEO of Troomi Wireless, has worked for years to develop safe phone platforms for kids. Troomi is in the beta testing phase right now.

“The challenge that every parent in America is dealing with right now is this decision about when to introduce technology to kids. What’s the right age to give a child a phone? There’s a lot of complexity in that. You’ve got kids with different maturity levels and you’ve got family structures with different needs,” Brady said.

One of those complexities is peer pressure.

“It’s a chorus that every parent has heard. I’m the only kid that doesn’t have a cell phone!  There’s no question that the average age that kids are getting cell phones is becoming younger and younger. We’ve done a lot of national research that shows that age is now sometimes as low as 7 and
8-years-old,” said Brady.

With Troomi Brady and his team have developed a platform, which he claims, provides parents with unprecedented control, all wrapped up in a phone that kids actually want to use.

“Our goal was to create an offering for parents where we could provide a great phone that a kid would be happy to use; we use Samsung devices, and provide the phone service at a cost that’s reasonable for kids. So we start with unlimited plans at $14.95 per month. The big thing is to provide parents with an operating system that allows them to very easily cater the phone experience to children of different ages. We give parents the ability to graduate kids from one level of functionality to the next, based on their needs and maturity, without having to replace hardware.”