FORT EDWARD, N.Y. (NEWS10) -Washington County Court met on the case of The People v. Monahan. The pre-trial hearing used visual aids as police who responded to the scene of the shooting on April 15, answered questions from the prosecution and defense.

Monahan’s Lead Council, Arthur Frost, asked all four witnesses if Miranda Rights were given at any time. None of the officers responded yes, but Kevin Monahan was on the phone with his attorney during the interactions with law enforcement. 

”They have a right to be advised of their rights and to choose whether to knowingly and voluntarily waive them. The proof is what it is. I’m not going to elaborate on that,” stated Frost.

Body cam footage and 911 calls between Monahan and Public Safety will be checked after the hearing. “They’ll review them. Defense will make their submissions. We will respond and the court will render a decision,” explained District Attorney, Tony Jordan.

NEWS10 saw family of Kaylin Gillis at court, but not inside during the hearing. Jordan says they listened to the discussion and will be future witnesses. “They’re managing. It is a process. For them, they have good moments in a day and horrible moments.”

Both parties have around two weeks to submit a written summation to the judge. The next court date will be another pre-trial hearing before the trial begins.