HEBRON, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The man accused of shooting and killing Kaylin Gillis is petitioning to get released from jail. The lawyer for Kevin Monahan is pushing back against the judge’s ruling to deny him bail.

Based on a public petition, Monahan’s attorney argues that the court has not provided sufficient evidence to prove that he poses a flight risk. The attorney states Monahan has not been convicted of any crimes and has been living in the same house for the past 30 years, suggesting that he is not a flight risk despite rumors of a bad temper. The petition contends that the decision to deny Monahan bail goes against the state’s bail reform laws.

Gillis, 20, was traveling through Hebron with three other people on April 15 when the group made a wrong turn onto Monahan’s property, who came out onto his porch and fired two shots. One round hit and killed Gillis, according to Washington County Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy.

Police said the group had to drive several miles from the mistaken address to call for help due to poor cell service. The service in the area, which is located minutes away from the Vermont state line, is so bad that the judge who denied Monahan bail, said an ankle monitor was not an option because the technology relies upon cell service. 

Monahan was charged with second degree murder. The court will discuss the petition on Thursday, May 4.

The petition can be read in-full below:

The Associated Press contributed to this report.