LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s day three of testimony in the trial against a man accused of killing a young girl while driving a boat on Lake George last summer.

Alex West is said to have been partying all day on Lake George before driving his boat into another killing 8-year-old Charlotte McCue.

Before the lunch break, the jury saw graphic photos of Charlotte’s body following the crash.

Warren County Sheriff Patrol Sergeant James Fidd described to the jury the process of getting to the scene of the accident.

Fidd was responsible for keeping the crime scene maintained where Charlotte’s body was.

The district attorney then took Fidd through several photos that showed the wooden boat Charlotte was in. The photos showed severe damage to the wooden boat, Charlotte’s body covered by a blanket in the passenger part of the boat and finally a few graphic photos of Charlotte’s mangled body.

The photos show the Charlotte laying on a bench in the boat, wearing a red life jacket, her legs folded up under her, and her right arm cut up and bloody.

The jury intently looked at the images while West avoided looking at the photos.  He also avoided questions on his way into court Friday morning.

Ron Miller says he encountered the boat West was driving following the crash.

Miller described to the court how he came upon the boat with no lights and moving very slowly on Lake George as he was heading south in his own boat. He described the people in the boat as hunched down and demonstrated what that looked like.

Miller made a 911 call once at his destination which we also heard in court saying, “There’s a boat going down the lake with absolutely no lights on. I almost hit him.”

At the time, Miller was not aware the boat he saw was just involved in a deadly accident.

Before lunch, a first responder who was at the scene, and the doctor who performed the autopsy on Charlotte’s body following the accident testified. He says her injuries were consistent with propeller cuts.