HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Hoosick Falls is taking on another big corporation for its alleged involvement in PFOA contamination in and around the village.

Out of four companies named, the chemical company DuPont was the only one not to participate in a $65 million settlement with the village over alleged PFOA contamination of the village’s water.

Months after those settlement checks were distributed in July, a federal judge in Albany has now granted class action status for Hoosick Falls against DuPont. “We intend to get the additional compensation from DuPont through either trial or settlement to make the residents who own property whole with regard to the loss of value of their property and to extend the medical monitoring program to what has been medically recommended,” explains Stephen Schwarz, one of four class action attorneys that have been appointed by the court.

DuPont, along with 3M, Honeywell and Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics are alleged to have polluted water in Hoosick Falls with PFOAs for decades. According to Schwarz, the class action certification motion had not been decided before the three companies settled with the village in 2021. That left DuPont open for possible further litigation after a judge granted the class action status this week.

Schwarz says the previous settlement was enough to help residents with the devaluation of their homes and at least a decade of medical monitoring, but more can be done. “We also would like to make the residents of Hoosick Falls whole in regards to the devaluation in which they have not been made by the previous settlement. The previous settlement was obviously substantial but we can establish more damages than were provided in that settlement.”  

This litigation first began in 2016, six years later, Schwarz says he is hopeful to take the case to trial early next year.