ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Josh Woodward, a local firefighter who beat sepsis, visited 11-year-old Sean Harden who is currently fighting the illness, at Albany Medical Center.

Sean’s mother, April, says Woodward’s recovery gives her hope for her son.

As excited as April was to meet Josh, he was just as happy to see Sean.

“He was really anxious to just see Sean. We prayed over Sean,” Harden told News10. “It was a really surreal moment to see somebody who conquered and overcame sepsis and be living in front of me.”

Meeting the Hardens made the Woodwards’ day.

“It was amazing. It made me so happy,” Josh Woodward told News10, “I felt so much joy in doing that.”

Talking to Chelsea Woodward was inspirational for April, as the person by Sean’s bedside, like Chelsea was for Josh.

“Just seeing him, and his wife, and the battle that they won,” Harden told News10, “I’m all for it. I already feel like I’ve won a battle just from meeting them.”

Woodward says being a resource to families like the Hardens has been a huge help in his recovery.

“I’ve really been through a lot and my family has been through a lot,” Woodward told News10, “so to see some good come of that is really encouraging.”

Harden just wants her son back with her and his younger siblings.

“I can’t wait for him to wake up, and the nurses and doctors get to see what this little boy’s personality is all about,” Harden told News10, “he’s got a heart full of passion and love for the world.”

Someone else will be waiting to talk to him, as well.

“Sean seems like a great kid. I’m really excited for him to come out of his coma so I can finally meet him,” Woodward told News10.