NEW YORK (PIX11) — Why sit in New York City traffic when you can fly over it instead? JetBlue announced Friday a new “Queens Express” nonstop flight that will take passengers from JFK Airport in Jamaica, New York, to LaGuardia Airport in Jackson Heights, New York.

“Need to get from Jamaica to Jackson Heights, but the Van Wyck is jammed? Take our newest route, The Queens Express, the fastest way to get across NYC’s biggest borough,” the company tweeted.

For anyone who’s actually been stuck in city traffic before, this sounds like a dream come true. Except there’s one major issue—it’s not true! Friday is April Fools’ Day.

The company’s website offered more tantalizingly fake information, including the clever tag line: “Swap the HOV lane for a JetBlue plane.”

“You asked. We listened. From loads of legroom to free unlimited wi-fi, it’s the JetBlue experience for New Yorkers looking for a new way to travel across the city’s biggest borough. Street traffic? Subway delays? Fuhgeddaboudit. We’ll whisk you from Jamaica to Jackson Heights in a New York minute,” the company wrote before ultimately admitting to the April Fools joke at the bottom of the webpage.

Most folks on Twitter were quick to pick up on the joke, but some admitted to being duped. “It’s only 9:00 AM and I’m already sick of the April Fools stuff on Twitter,” one user wrote.

“Hahaha you kinda’ got me. But I did think to myself ‘that’s stupid y’all…’ Good one though,” another user wrote.

“Well, I just got April Fooled. Good one @JetBlue,” another user wrote.