ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The November general election is less than a month away and News10 ABC is speaking with candidates for the state legislature and Congress.

Republican Jake Ashby is trying to win a seat in the newly redrawn state senate 43rd district. Republican Daphne Jordan held that seat until redistricting took her out of the district. Ashby is currently the Assemblyman in the 107th district.

Ashby says the economy and crime are the biggest issues facing his district. He says the state has to do better at keeping New Yorkers from leaving the state.

The republican is in favor of repealing bail reform but not because he doesn’t believe in reforms. “When the law was put into place, it went through a process where you didn’t have DA’s and law enforcement in the same room as the policy makers,” said Ashby. He adds, “then they had to go back and amend things and we still don’t have what we need obviously in place so i think we need to start from scratch.”

Ashby sits down with News10 ABC to discuss the issues facing the 43rd district.