ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Prosecutors in this case intend to argue Philip Rabadi’s death was calculated and planned to inflict harm on Rabadi’s wife and Jacob Klein’s ex-girlfriend Elana Radin. Klein, representing himself, told the jury at the start he is completely innocent, relying on a lack of DNA evidence to prove he is not connected to Rabadi’s death. 

“The killing of Philip Rabadi was commuted to influx immeasurable pain,” Jessica Blain-Lewis, Assistant District Attorney, said. “The evidence will show it was calculated, deliberate and intentional.” 

Blain-Lewis said the evidence will show Klein planned a 4-day trip from his home in Virginia to New York, visiting Rabadi’s home on Miller Road multiple times in two different cars before allegedly speaking to Rabadi, entering the home and stabbing him multiple times as he was restrained. She said evidence will give insight into Klein’s motive for allegedly killing Rabadi.

“A person suffering from abandonment,” Blain-Lewis said. “Full of disappointment and resentment.”

Klein argued he was in Albany during the time of Rabadi’s death to look at real estate in the area, renting that second car, a white Dodge Ram, to access an off road property.

“The evidence will show I had nothing to gain from Philip’s murder,” Klein said.

Klein emphasized the lack of DNA evidence connecting him to Rabadi’s home on the day of the murder and stressed the burden of the prosecutors to prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. 

“I’m here to clear my name and force police to investigate the crime like they should have and track down Philip’s actual killers,” Klein said.

Klein claimed he had little communication with Radin since 2019, with the exception of one email in 2021, shortly after her marriage, which Prosecutors used to open up their case against him.

The prosecution will call their first witnesses when court resumes Sept. 20 at 9:45 a.m.