TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — During the pandemic, Jacob Alejandro opened its door two years ago on River Street in Troy. But owners Alejandro and Jacob Griffin-Diaz still took a leap of faith. Jacob Griffin-Diaz is the shop’s Co-Owner and says that he and Alejandro already had similar goals when they met. 

“We each wanted to have our own shop. And working coffee connoisseur was our way to explore the world,” he said. 

But they were both worried about opening the coffee shop since they were still determining if anyone would even show up.

“It was a little scary; we didn’t know if people [could] come out. If we could get sick, or other people can get sick… But Troy showed up,” he said.

They also showed up for the artistic creations of Alejandro. Alejandro grew up in Guatemala and had been creating coffee for 16 years. He also won first place in the U.S. Cold Brew Competition in Chicago and plans to enter more competitions. But Alejandro considers each drink a tribute to his hometown.

“It’s been a big part of myself to represent the farmers in order to honor the hard work that they do,” he said.

The owners are thrilled that business has only increased, and they want to reintroduce the community programs they offered before the pandemic, such as Barista Battles and Coffee Tasting classes.

“It’s beautiful to see how people want to learn about coffee,” Alejandro said. “But then they become very addicted, want to learn more, and see what I behind these beans. Or how this coffee tastes. So it’s beautiful to see people who never tried coffee before becoming coffee lovers.”