GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The hand-painted chair in City Park that’s been the subject of much speculation briefly disappeared on Wednesday, only to return on Thursday afternoon with some fresh work to weatherize it.

While its first appearance was early in the morning, this time some curious locals were around when it was taken away to get work done.

Jenn Graves of Glens Falls said she was walking with a friend on Wednesday evening when they encountered a man who identified himself as the chair’s creator, placing it in a vehicle.

“He stated that the chair was his and that he was planning on weatherizing better and it would return,” Graves said in a conversation on Facebook on Thursday morning.

glens falls mystery chair 4
The back of the chair that has sat in City Park in Glens Falls, N.Y., for the last month. (Photo: Jay Petrequin)

The chair has been a point of speculation for the city, with some wondering if the depiction of a young girl on its front was meant to be a memorial. Graves said she was told it was.

“I asked him who the girl was, and he said it’s a memorial,” she said. “He seemed sad when he said it.”

The chair also depicts the girl and a man walking towards a sunset on its back. It has no signature, and Graves said the artist didn’t identify himself or the child memorialized.

It was returned around 2 p.m. Thursday afternoon, with the sun shining on some new gloss to protect it from weather like the thunderstorm that hit the region on Tuesday.

Another resident, Dustin Greco, reached out to a News 10 ABC reporter on Wednesday night after having his own encounter with the artist.

Greco said he didn’t know that the chair was something of a local mystery when he encountered the man, but that he asked what the chair was there for all the same.

“He (…) just responded, ‘Yes, it’s ours,’” Greco said. “He then leaned in closer and said, ‘It’s meant to send a message.'”

glens falls mystery chair 1
A hand-painted chair sits on a sunny day in front of Maple Street in Glens Falls, N.Y. (Photo: Jay Petrequin)

The chair first appeared in City Park in late April, on the Maple Street side between TD Bank and Crandall Public Library.

In that time, many area residents have gotten curious on the “You know you are from Glens Falls…” Facebook page.

Last week, both the library and the city recreation department said they knew nothing about who had placed the chair there, or why.

Anyone with more information on the chair’s origin is invited to contact North Country Digital Reporter Jay Petrequin at