(NEWS10) — As people in Ukraine struggle to stay warm while Russia continues to attack civilian infrastructure, a former New York governor is helping bring aid. George Pataki recently returned from his third humanitarian trip to the country.

The focus this time was on donating industrial sized heaters and warm winter clothing. Pataki told NEWS10 Capitol Correspondent Jamie DeLine he was impressed by the resilience and strength of the Ukrainian people who have endured months of Russian bombing.

“They have power maybe two or three hours a day,” he explained. “Sometimes, they have heat; sometimes they don’t, but they don’t complain. The universal ask is more military aid — my husband is fighting, my son is in the south fighting, we have to win the war — so rather than ask for things for themselves, they ask for things to help them win the war.”

Pataki said some of the events where they had planned to distribute aid were canceled as air raid warnings rang out while he was there. But he said the Pataki Leadership Center will continue to bring aid as New Yorkers continue to pull together to help Ukraine.