BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Both Americans and Canadians are fed up that the border remains closed. But the closure wasn’t stopping one Ontario man from seeing his girlfriend this holiday weekend.

Oliver Collins is from Port Colborne, Ontario. His lucky lady Suzanne Weingarten lives in Buffalo. In order to be together for the Fourth of July, Oliver had to buy train, bus, and airline tickets, and then travel for nearly 24 hours.

The drive from Port Colborne to Buffalo is typically less than an hour. But Oliver said he was willing to work around the border shutdown and do whatever it took to see the love of his life.

“I had to get a ride to Niagara Falls [Ontario] yesterday, and then I caught a bus to Burlington,” he said. “Then I caught a GO train to downtown Toronto, then I caught the UP Express to Pearson [airport]. From Pearson I had to fly from Newark, New Jersey. Three-hour layover there, and then from New Jersey, I flew to Buffalo.”

Canadian officials have said that they will not reopen the border until 70% of Canadians are fully vaccinated. Right now, Canada is 51% shy of that mark.