Inspiring Women of the Capital Region: Corey Jamison


TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Corey Jamison has made it her mission to help women find balance.

She created the Courageous Women Series out of her Troy home; a career, life and family integration that was inspired by her own life.

One small meeting has now become a must-attend event for so many Capital Region women.

“As women we often are very good at offering help but not good at receiving it,” Jamison said.

She’s a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend.

“Who forgot their lunch, who doesn’t have their cleats, I have a conference call and the school calling saying someone needs to come home,” Jamison said, when describing her day.

Corey Jamison is an inspiration to so many.

It doesn’t take long to feel the enthusiasm and energy this mom of seven exudes, which has propelled her work helping woman reach their highest potential to the level it is at today.

Corey and her business partner Julie Bush created the Courageous Women Series a few years ago.

“Our goal was to create a community where women come together and develop themselves as professionals and also as moms and partners and sisters and friends and the currency between us would be courage,” Jamison said.

It’s over breakfast meetings and at larger two-day conferences that she connects with woman from all different backgrounds. “In the ways that I have courage and lots of it, I can extend and share that with you and the ways that you have courage and lots of it and share it with me,” Jamison said.

The networking and connections made here, go beyond the initial meetings.

“I walked away feeling really great and thinking I just started some networking for a business I want to start,” a conference attendee said.

“The motivate me to continue pushing and to change my world and have those difficult conversations,” another conference attendee said.

The Courageous Women Series is showing no signs of backing down, as these conversations and many more growing out of Jamison’s goal to build a better work life balance for all women.

“I will follow their lead, we’ll continue to create that space and we’ll follow the lead of the women who are part of that community,” Jamison said.

Corey says one of the things she is most proud of with her work is seeing the women who come to her conferences then connect for other events like book groups, volunteering events, even helping out with job searches.

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