ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)–Election Day is now only 6 weeks away. To make absentee voting easier for New Yorkers who are visually impaired, a new electronic accessible ballot delivery system can help.

“Any voter with a visual disability that impairs them from being able to easily read text, the system allows them to use screen reader software, or increase or decrease the size of the text,” explained Jennifer Wilson, Deputy Director of Public Information for the New York State Board of Elections. “They can also change the contrast to make the font darker or lighter so they can read it a lot easier than they would otherwise be able to.”

Whether it be a tablet, smart phone, or computer, a voter can do this from their own electronic device at home.

“The system allows a voter to apply online for a ballot and then to get a link to a portal that will actually have their ballot in the portal and it can be marked and printed out and mailed in so that they don’t need any additional assistance to fill it out.”

Voters will also be provided an oath envelop and a prepaid return envelop by mail. Wilson said this new system is more user friendly than a previous system.

“This is a fully secure system. We worked with Enhanced Voting which has done work in a number of other states for both accessible ballots and also military and overseas ballots which are typically sent in a similar manor by email.”

She said the New York State Board of Elections constantly monitors cyber security and will continue to do so.