FORT PLAIN, N.Y. (NEWS10) — After a pipe bomb was found at a residence in Fort Plain, Montgomery Police now want residents to make sure that if they see something, they should say something to law enforcement as soon as possible.

“Yeah, we just encourage people if they see something for any type of circumstance. Just pay attention,” Jeff Smith, Montgomery County Sheriff, said. “You don’t wanna be a nosy neighbor, but pay attention to something out of the norm.”

Police say a contractor was working on a house around upper main street last week, and they discovered a device that appeared to be a pipe bomb. Multiple agencies responded, and several roads were shut down for hours. The New York State Police Bomb Squad destroyed the device.

Police say in addition to noticing if something doesn’t look right in their neighborhood, people should also pay attention to any odd packages that arrive in the mail.

“If some of the packages being delivered appear to be things of question, don’t be afraid to give us a call,” Sheriff Smith said. “So that we can investigate it, check it out, and make sure that we are all safe.”

If someone is uncomfortable reporting something, police say they have an anonymous tip line that can be used.

“Never say never. It’s like saying it won’t happen here, right? You never know how people are going to react. So if you see it, report it even if it’s a family member because we are only looking for their own best interest,” Sheriff Smith said.

A Fort Plain man was arrested in connection with this case; 46-year-old Gregory Campione faces several charges, including criminal possession of a weapon. 

He was arraigned and released to return to court at a later date.