If you are excited about the Brangelina Divorce- shame on you


On the same day that the CEO of a major bank testified before Congress about how they royally screwed millions of customers and a terrorist sits in a hospital bed after trying to blow up NYC, social media is abuzz with something much more important and delicious apparently. Angelina is kicking Brad to the curb. Horray!!! Give me a break.

I’m stunned at how excited people are about a marriage coming apart. Oh, I know it’s not just any marriage, it’s a celebrity marriage and after all “she” was the one who dug her talons into “him” and hurt poor Jennifer all those years ago. Yeah like any of these people are your friends. Like any of them care what we think.

I know it is fun to live vicariously through the daily disaster that is often our celebrity culture but just for a second consider that when the cameras aren’t rolling and the principle players here aren’t home counting stacks of money, they are real, flesh and blood people. They have parents, siblings and in this case children; six of them. Six kids, who despite having what must be a wealthy and sheltered existence, will have to adjust to mommy and daddy no longer living together. And worse will have to live this nightmare every time they turn on the television or walk by a magazine rack at the store.

The tabloids will do what the tabloids do, that’s as inevitable as the sunrise, but we don’t have to get such joy out of this. Did he cheat? What about her? I heard he has anger issues. I think she had it coming. I heard he smoked too much weed. Do you think she’ll go back to Billy Bob and start wearing a vile of blood again? Oh my God has anyone talked to Jennifer? We must know what Jennifer thinks! Just stop.

As far as I’m concerned movie stars make a deal with us- they appear in a film and you see it or you don’t. That’s it. You are not entitled to anything more. I know, I know they are the ones who seek out cameras in the best of times so it is only fair that when their lives are falling apart we grab a bucket of popcorn and front row seat to the misery. But if that is you, if you are truly enjoying seeing a couple you don’t know get divorced I think it says more about you than them. Shame on anyone for cheering at someone else’s misfortune.

Divorce is messy and expensive and takes no prisoners. People get hurt. Click on all the Brangelina stories you want but please put down the pom poms because there really is nothing to cheer about here. And I’ll bet you Brad Pitt’s salary that there’s a happily married girl named Jennifer who’d agree with me.

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