An investigation is underway to determine who killed a groundhog on a golf course in Troy. A man posted on Facebook that it was two local police officers, and at this moment, we don’t know if that’s true. That’s why we have investigations. But let me be the first to say if it turns out a police officer deliberately ran down a helpless animal, then he or she shouldn’t have a badge and gun. They should be fired. Let them do another job that doesn’t involve life and death scenarios or situations where sound judgement, intelligence and kindness are a requisite.

If you follow this page, you know I’m a big supporter of police, but that job requires a certain level of maturity and decency, and killing an animal that way shows a massive lack of both. Frankly, it is the kind of stunt you’d expect from a disturbed teenager who needs mental help. There is nothing funny about it. There is no excuse for it.RELATED: Police investigating incident involving a groundhog being run over by a golf cart

I know golf tournaments often involving drinking alcohol, and I’m sure if they do find the person who did this, that will be the excuse. “We had a few too many and were just goofing around.”  Fine. Go goof around in a job that doesn’t involve you carrying a gun.

I’ve noticed with humans that alcohol amplifies what is already there in the person. Meaning if they are funny or silly, too much beer usually brings that out of them. And if they are mean as a snake, the alcohol brings that out, too.

I don’t know if we’ll ever find out who did what on that golf course, and in fairness, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. It’s quite possible it was someone at the course that day who is not a police officer. Frankly, if it was a plumber, teacher  or TV anchor and they did that deliberately, I’d want them fired, too. Good riddance.  But if it’s a cop, this rises to a different level of concern.

I hope we find the truth.Read more Gray Matters