TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — It’s a time of transformation in education. Primary and secondary schools began delivering remote education to K-12 students in a matter of weeks. Now that it’s getting closer to the end of the year, graduating seniors may be unsure what their future education holds.

Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) says they are prepared, no matter what guidance comes from the state going forward, to continue to provide education for new and continuing students through the summer and into the fall semester, either remotely or on campus.

HVCC’s Vice President of Academic Affairs, Judy DiLorenzo, says they successfully moved all their courses online when the state closed schools. Using technology, even classes that require hands-on learning and the completion of labs have been able to continue, albeit using creative teaching methods.

“We’ve always provided online learning. We’ve been a leader in online education, so no matter what happens when we get the word you can come on campus, you can’t come on campus, maybe you can come on campus but then now you have to leave again- because we’ve dealt with that already. We’re ready,” says DiLorenzo.

The college is connecting with future students and providing online tours through Zoom and has gone above and beyond to make sure current students are still receiving a quality education with necessary materials through loan programs, DiLorenzo says, and there’s no reason parents and students should consider putting their higher education on hold.

“I’ve heard fro so many parents who are thinking ‘well, you know, maybe we should just put things on pause and start in the spring’ when there really is no need to do that,” says DiLorenzo.

HVCC has a rolling admission process which means students can sign up for classes until the first week of the fall semester. DiLorenzo says this provides flexibility for Capital Region Students who may be reconsidering attending a college away from home.