Glenville, N.Y. (News10)-An area animal shelter is making room for pets in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. News10’s Anya Tucker shares how the cats and kittens were among 100 airlifted pets making their way to shelters in the Northeast and beyond.

Joe Lisella, Executive Director for the Animal Protective Foundation introduced Anya to the new arrivals at their shelter in Glenville, New York. Among them, two kittens named Cocoa and Daytona in honor of notable places in Florida.

Lisella says the kittens arrived with 8 other cats from shelters in Florida. They were among hundreds of pets airlifted to the Northeast after Hurricane Ian in an effort to help shelters in flood ravaged Florida make room for incoming displaced animals in that southern state. The cats’ first stop was Binghamton, New York. “And then shelters from all over New York State as well as Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania, they picked up the animals. We knew who we were getting ahead of time. It was all very organized,” said Lisella.

Their trip was paid for by the Bissell Pet foundation. Lisella says shelters across the country learned many hard, but important logistical lessons from Hurricane Katrina, when pets were found wandering around alone and hungry and needing housing. “And what we learned is, the best way to do it is to get all the animals that are adoptable out of the shelters to make room for the animals that are going to be coming in. And they may not be coming in the day of the storm. They’ll be coming in for weeks afterward as people discover they no longer have a home, they need to relocate or they just really don’t have a safe place to keep their animals,” he added.

Just like the kittens, the adult cats- one named Sarasota and another Okeechobee, were also all renamed after communities in Florida. Linsella says they will first make sure that the kittens are spayed and neutered, and the cats receive any necessary medical care before being available for adoption which he says is expected to happen within the next week or so. He suggests that anyone interested in adoption, should keep their eyes on their website.

He also stressed that other pets are in need of homes, pointing to the shelter’s “Pittie Party”. A fun way to feature adoptable pit bulls whose adoption fees will be waived thanks to a generous supporter.