TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — On Saturday, hundreds of people are here to walk to raise funds for the center and help ALS patients themselves with the Walk to Strike Out ALS event in Troy. ALS is also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The diagnosis can be difficult for patients and families. The walk aims to help raise money for the Saint Peter’s ALS Regional Center to help provide various services, like free medical and communication equipment.

Joanne Snyder was diagnosed in 2021 after experiencing symptoms for two years, going to multiple doctors, and finding no answers.

“So finally, I was approved to go to Brigham and Women’s Hospital and spoke with a neurologist there. And he put everything together,” she said.

While driving back from Boston, John Snyder, Joanne’s husband, remembers how grateful they were to find the center close to home. Especially since it’s the only ALS center within 100 miles of the Capital Region.

“That center has been a wealth of support,” he said. “Providing us with education, compassionate care, emotional support, and product support… Everything from wheelchairs to portable ramps helps us enjoy a quality of life the best we can.”

The center remains a resource for Clarence Tiger Brewer’s family. Today, his wife, Debbie Brewer, and nephew, Jeff Prince, are walking in memory of him. Clarence was living with the condition for six years.

“Oh, and he smiled through the whole thing,” Brewer said.

And his nephew continues to smile while thinking about their many memories and experiences.

“There’s no one story. There are tons of them,” he said. “We were best friends.”

Those who could not attend the event can still donate on their website.