SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With summer around the corner, State Police were conducting a mass casualty training at SPAC and had been planning this training since July. The training included almost 20 city and county agencies across the Capital Region and 200 volunteers.

Police say about 400 people participated in three presented scenarios to teach first responders how to most efficiently handle a mass casualty situation while also improving public safety.

Several volunteers posed as critical condition victims and were transported to Saratoga Hospital, Albany Medical Center, and other regional health partners. The goal was to review how these situations can impact their emergency plans.

“The first responders are doing well handling the emergency as we would hope and expect that they would efficiently and professionally,” Sergeant Jeffrey Santor, New York State Park Police Emergency Manager, said.

Police, fire, EMTs, and even Lifenet Helicopters were all a part of the training. For all three scenarios, participants needed to act as concertgoers during an emergency, whether in a car crash or a shooting.

Jason Campbell was one of the volunteers, and he says his experience as a volunteer makes him feel better prepared.

“Because you don’t know what can happen the next day. It’s scary,” he said. “But when you have training like this with the first responders, EMS, and everyone else, they are prepared.”

Park officials say this training could not have been possible without the two hundred volunteers participating in each scenario.

“Even with some dark skies and some showers this morning. We can’t thank the volunteers enough,” Sergeant Santor said. “They came out and helped us, and we wouldn’t have been successful without them.”