HUDSON FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Hudson Falls has a private investigator coming to town, and just in time. Not to stop any kind of crime spree, but to bring a show to its namesake.

The “Hudson Falls” in question isn’t the Washington County village, but rather a TV pilot of the same name that’s coming to the Strand Theatre next Tuesday, for a premiere event on July 20.

Creator Elias Plagianos didn’t know there was a real-life Hudson Falls when he filmed his pilot in Rockland and the Hudson Valley area last July. The latter location is half the show’s namesake; the other half comes from a scene originally written to take place at a waterfall, which was never actually filmed but stuck all the same.

Plagianos describes the show as a crime drama, about a P.I. with 1970s sensibilities solving crimes that involve the science and technology of today.

Tickets are $25 for Tuesday night’s event at the Strand Theatre, which starts at 6:30 p.m. All proceeds benefit the theatre directly.

That’s important for the venue, which relies largely on volunteer support. Local bands are playing there regularly again now, and streaming content helped them through some of the pandemic, but the margins are never more than thin.

Plagianos says that now that he knows about the real Hudson Falls, he’s thrilled to be able to make a connection to it through the show. “Hudson Falls” hasn’t been picked up yet by a network, but it’s a great opportunity to get eyes on his show, and bring visitors to the Strand at the same time.