DELANSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The current state of the economy is expected to have a significant impact on Election Day, with inflation on the minds of many voters. It’s been impacting gas prices, rent, food and now, inflation could even affect the cost of Thanksgiving dinner.

King Creek Farm in Delanson is feeling the impact of inflation first-hand as a small farm.

“Prices especially in the last year or so have doubled in our growing expenses, feed costs have doubled, the cost of just raising them (turkeys),” said Azim Khan, farmer and owner of King Creek Farm.

According to a recent report from Wells Fargo, dining out for Thanksgiving may be more cost-effective this year given the price of grocery items rising quicker than the costs associated with eating out. Experts agree if you do decide to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year, and want turkey on the menu, order your bird sooner rather than later.