(NEWS10) — A new survey says 32.7% of people spend more time with their phone than their significant other.

The website Reviews.org conducted a survey asking Americans about their cell phone habits, and just how far they take their “relationship” with their phone. Their goal was to see whether Americans loved their phones more or their loved ones.

Here are a few interesting findings from the survey: 

  • Too much of a good thing? 75.4% say they’re addicted to their phones.
  • Love is in the air and the bedroom with 65.7% admitting they sleep with their phone at night.
  • You’ve heard of a “bad breakup”, but what about a bribed breakup? Americans say they’d break-up with their current smartphone and trade-in for a flip phone if they were paid $2,150.20. 
  • Clingy, much? 65.6% say they check their phones up to 160x a day, that’s once every 9.5 minutes! 

For the full survey click here