ALBANY N.Y. (WTEN) — With rent prices at a record high and New York’s eviction moratorium expired, tenants are asking lawmakers for help. 

Housing Justice For All advocates urging the legislature to pass the Good Cause Eviction Bill and Housing Access Voucher Program (HAVP).  

The Good Cause Bill requires landlords to justify raising their rent more than three percent.  Anything above three percent can be fought in court if a landlord attempts to evict a tenant for not paying the new, increased price. 

Landlords are still allowed to evict tenants but it must be considered a good reason under the law. 

Oscar Brewer, an advocate for Housing Justice For All and someone currently facing eviction explains why passing this legislation would help New Yorkers, “The Good Cause Eviction is supposed to protect people like myself and other tenants of the state, you know what I mean? You got landlords that can just raise their rent, that’s not right. You got violations on the property you should not be able to evict somebody. Fix the property, everybody has a right to adequate housing.  

Advocates are also asking the Governor to fund HAPV – a rental assistance program that would provide vouchers for homeless New Yorkers or those on the brink of losing their home.  Lawmakers are asking for $1 billion in funding.