WASHINGTON (NewsNation Now) — Small business owners who took forgivable loans during the pandemic are warning Congress they’re going to be saddled with debt and paperwork — they say — is too complicated.

“These forms are anywhere from 15 to 20 pages. It’s just a lot of work to be able to forgive these loans. and it’s going to take a lot of man-hours and money to fill these out. And we just think that wasn’t the intent of the PPP,” said Pete Patel.

Patel, the owner of Promise Hotels in Oklahoma, received paycheck protection loans for his 11 hotels. He says Congress needs to streamline the forgiveness part of the loan.

Congressman Andy Kim (D-N.J) agrees.

“Loan forgiveness is the centerpiece of the Paycheck Protection Program, especially since the expectation by many borrowers and lenders was that the loans would be fully forgiven,” said Kim. “Less than full forgiveness for a large body of loans could have serious unintended negative consequences for borrowers and lenders.”

A government report found that less than one percent of the 5.2 million businesses who received PPP loans have applied for forgiveness.

Kevin Hern (R-Okla.) says Congress needs to step in to make the paperwork easier and the loans more flexible.

“What I know, again, having never been in politics before I became a member of Congress less than two years ago, is that small business men and women in America don’t care two hoots about politics,” said Hern. “They just want to figure out again how they can take care of their employees, their customers and grow their business.”

House Republicans plan to force a vote this week on expanding the flexibility of the Paycheck Protection Program.