HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Damaging winds and rain left half of the Village of Hoosick covered in debris, with many down trees taking out power lines and cutting off power to thousands. The damage prompted Mayor Robert Allen to declare a state of emergency Thursday night but on Friday power had been restored to most.

The state of emergency was declared just after 9:00 P.M. Thursday, around the same time National Grid says 3,300 of its Hoosick Falls customers lost power. 

On Friday afternoon less than 200 people were still without power, Mayor Allen said, most of them would have power restored before midnight with a few stragglers expected to have power by Saturday afternoon.

He said the emergency declaration was made so the village can address immediate safety needs.

“What that does, that allows us to make emergency spending and address any emergency needs that you normally wouldn’t be able to,” said Allen. The declaration will be in effect for five days. The mayor said they don’t know how much the damage will cost just yet.

Work trucks were seen on the streets, one of them belonging to John Van Ness who works for a tree service company and was planning the clean up logistics for a roughly 100 foot maple tree that was uprooted last night.

“My day was supposed to be off today. I haven’t had a day off in two weeks, so I was looking forward to a day off,” said Van Ness.

The tree caused damage to the local American Legion, Post 40. Van Ness says it will take a few days to clean up all the damage on the property, with the tree alone taking at least one day.

“The storms are just getting crazy this year. I don’t remember when I have seen storms like this,” said Van Ness.

They’ll need a wood chipper, and other machinery, to remove the massive tree, he said the costs were adding up quickly.

“Insurance and gas and diesel, it’s high. They charge tree men expensive insurance policies and the diesel, that’s costly,” said Van Ness.

Mayor Allen said assuming there are no additional issues, recovery efforts are expected to be done by tomorrow. Storms are expected throughout Friday evening and into Saturday.

“We always have plans in place and I’m always impressed by how well the group of firefighters and police officers and everyone, when issues come up, immediately come together and jump to action,” said Mayor Allen.

The department of public works has set up a drop-off location for residents in the area who want to get rid of branches and brush. It’s across the street from its facility on Waterworks Road, in front of the dog park. The location will be open all weekend, all hours.