ALBANY, NY, (NEWS10) – February is Black History Month and all across the Capital Region, cities and towns have been remembering and honoring those who have made a difference in the African American community.

Some of the examples of those who have improved the quality of life for local Blacks include Travon Jackson, who helped turn a former McDonald’s restaurant into a grocery store people who live in the south end of Albany. The area is known as a food desert and he people of color who live there have to travel far just to get fresh fruits and vegetables.

Jackson’s store, South End Grocery, allows local people to eat healthy. Something that’s been denied for decades. “It’s overwhelming joy, vindication, pride and satisfaction” said Jackson. “People working together, we made a promise and we kept it.”

Another example is Musa Zwana. he opened up a graphic design business but noticed it was difficult to locate black owned businesses in the area. He created the website “518 Blacklist.”

It helps small business owners get their brands and services out to the public. ” I guess this is a time for us to try and share this with other people to try to bring 9in other people in support of our black community and black businesses” said Zwana.

And on a national level civil rights leader Bobby Seale, who co-founded the Black Panther Party in the 1960’s, shared his story at HVCC on how the movement began and how they incorporated black power to the party. “You’re not going to have any black power or people power until you get more politicians” said Seale.

News10 ABC’s Mikhaela Singleton hosts the special, “Honoring Black History.”