GREEN ISLAND, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Local employees of a manufacturing company protested Wednesday in demand of a fair contract.

The Honeywell workers, based in Green Island, say the company refuses to come to an agreement with their union.

A spokesperson for Honeywell says they’ve been doing their part.

Dozens of protestors, including several of the more than 40 local workers, came together in downtown Albany. They say Honeywell has locked them out of work for the last four months, saying the company will not agree on a fair contract.

Unaffordable health coverage, no pensions, and limited overtime pay–all things the locked out Honeywell workers say are unfair points in a contract with the company.

Negotiations for the contract have been going on since April. Since an agreement couldn’t be made, Honeywell locked out all 41 workers in its Green Island location and 317 workers at another location in South Bend, Indiana.

Timothy Vogt works at the Green Island location and is the president of the local union chapter. He says this is a serious blow to his bank account and his family.

“For me it’s devastating. Are my kids going to have a Thanksgiving this year? Are they going to have a Christmas this year? They’ve disrupted so many lives here. It’s a very, very, scary and dangerous situation that they put us all through,” Vogt, president of Local UAW 1508 Green Island, said.

The company denying that the contract is unfair saying on Wednesday:

“Honeywell remains committed to bargaining in good faith and looks forward to reaching a comprehensive agreement that is fair to our employees and supports our business in these challenging times for the aviation industry.”

Honeywell says it has proposed dates in October to resume negotiations but has not heard back from the union.

Union workers say the people they’ve been replaced with during the lock out aren’t qualified workers. The company is denying that allegation too.