During the holiday season, common sights are UPS trucks and other delivery vehicles delivering last-minute gifts. On Tuesday, a man and a woman decided to be the grinch and steal packages along 1st street in Troy. Deb Luce was expecting a package that was supposed to be a Christmas gift for her grandson. 

“I knew the UPS truck was there; I checked my email and found out it was delivered,” Luce said. “I looked back at my camera and saw the man delivered it. And then I realized someone stole the package.”

Luce provided us with this footage showing how quick these thieves can be. Right after it was delivered, a man and woman are seen approaching her steps; the woman is seen walking up… taking the package, and then walking by the same ups truck that delivered the package. She immediately filed a police report, which is still under investigation.

For those who need to trust having their packages delivered to their house or apartment, there are UPS Secure Access Points where you can have your packages delivered securely. Like here, at the Troy Food market.

UPS Secure Access Points can be found throughout the capital district and on ups.com. Dhruv Patel is the store manager and says many are happy to take advantage of the free service.

“We have a lot of packages coming to take the package here,” he said. “We got cameras everywhere…outside…[and] inside cameras. To keep packages safe.”

Another preventive is to sign up for renters insurance or a homeowners insurance plan to cover lost or stolen packages.