ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — With the overturning of Roe V Wade, New York is expanding abortion access for those traveling from states where its restricted or banned. On Tuesday, Governor Hochul announced ten million dollars in state money will go towards 63 clinics across New York.

In part, this money will be used to hire more employees for these facilities which she expects will be necessary, “Places like Western New York are seeing a major increase in women from Pennsylvania which has more restrictions, Ohio, we’re seeing a surge of cases from elsewhere. They’re coming now to our providers and … we knew this would happen,” said Gov. Hochul.

But pregnancy centers across New York don’t agree with this, including Compass Care’s CEO, Reverend Jim Harden, “The government’s first and primary role is to protect all people equally without partiality and as soon we start parsing out who qualifies as a person under the law and who does not qualify as a person under the law that becomes the foundation for great social and systemic injustice and that’s what we’ve seen with abortion,” he said.

Compass Care is a pro-life medical pregnancy center. They provide pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, abortion pill reversal and more at no cost to the patient. Since Roe V Wade was overturned Compass Care – along with 70 other pregnancy centers – have been vandalized. The one in Buffalo was firebombed, allegedly by a pro abortion group called Janes Revenge. 

Harden says this is by definition a hate crime, “And I think the FBI, Merrick Garland, Joe Biden, New York Governor Hochul Attorney General Latisha James – they need to treat it as such.”

He also says having the amount of funding for abortion services is not the same type of funding you see with pregnancy centers. “If the government is going to start dolling out millions of dollars outside of a grant process to a favored group it needs to be even handed. If they’re gonna send out $10 million to increase security at abortion clinics that are not being threatened by the way, and they haven’t been targeted for attack like we have, she should also provide it .. for us. For other pro life organizations that are still being threatened and still being attacked,” he said.

Governor Hochul plans on increasing access to over the counter contraception and abortion pills which she says, the White House is in full support of.