FULTON COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The heat wave in the Capital Region has been affecting afterschool sports and now, even some hospital patients. NEWS10 has the story. 

The real feel temps are hitting above 90 again with some seeing their fourth straight day of extreme temps for this time of year. One man in Gloversville claims his father’s hospital room hit nearly 90 degrees before getting kicked out for complaining. 

“I might as well take my dad home. He has air conditioning and it’s 70 degrees in his house. Stayin there [hospital] is actually going to probably make his condition worse,” said Hulbert.  

The concerned son said he reached out to the CEO of Nathan Littauer for answers, and he feels as though it may have forced his father out against doctors’ orders… after complaining about the heat. 

“He was given discharge papers and was released from Nathan Littauer hospital this afternoon. After the doctor this morning, when he was in to see my father, stated he would stay in the hospital at least one more night because of his COPD condition,” explained Hulbert.  

 After walking in and experiencing the warmth, NEWS10 reporter James De La Fuente reached out to the hospital.  A spokesperson for Nathan Littauer confirmed the HVAC system is experiencing difficulty in the current heat conditions. He sent the following statement in part, “To further exacerbate a problematic situation, one of our air handlers has experienced a mechanical issue, and we are waiting for repair parts to arrive.” NEWS10 reached out to Nathan Littauer to find out how long before those parts arrive and have received no comment yet.  

The heat has not only affected the hospital, after school sports activities are also battling the high temps. 

the Gloversville Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics, Michael DeMagistris, says the school district is following proper protocols when it comes to their student’s health. 

“We have been monitoring the index values all morning and all afternoon. We did push off our practice to a later start time and we even cancelled some lower-level practices. We do have air conditioning in our buildings. Our Middle School gym is air conditioned, our High School fitness center is air conditioned. So, we are using those sites for practice as well. 

Friday night football kicks off tomorrow and the heat and storms are predicted to continue to stick around for all the action.