ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)- Since March 2020 NEWS10 has monitored the number of COVID cases in the Capital Region, later adding Essex, Bennington, and Berkshire counties. Most of the counties regularly reported new and the total number of cases.

Some counties still report regularly although less frequently than they did at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. When county information is unavailable, NEWS10 gets totals from the New York State COVID-19 Workbook.

In the past two weeks, NEWS10 has updated its county COVID graphs six times. To find out if cases went up or down, NEWS10 calculated the number of new cases from September 22-29 (Week 1) and September 29-October 6 (Week 2) by subtracting the totals.

The September 22 total was subtracted from the September 29 total and the September 29 total was subtracted from the October 6 total. An example is shown below:

Fulton County

Week 1
Total cases reported September 295,576
Total cases reported September 22(-)5,298
Difference (cases reported during timeframe)278
*Fulton County COVID totals obtained from the New York State COVID-19 workbook
Week 2
Total cases reported October 65,798
Total cases reported September 29(-)5,576
Difference (cases reported during timeframe)222
*Fulton County COVID totals obtained from the New York State COVID-19 workbook

In 79% of the counties, there were fewer cases reported in Week 2 than in Week 1. More cases were reported in three out of 14 counties (Berkshire, Saratoga, and Warren). Tuesday Warren County reported the most daily cases it’s seen since the end of January (53).

“We haven’t seen this number of cases since January and it’s incredibly concerning,” said Warren County Health Services Director Ginelle Jones. “During this ongoing Delta variant-driven surge of cases, you should expect to be exposed to COVID-19 when you are in public or at work.”

Totals for all counties can be seen in the table below:

CountyWeek 1Week 2

In terms of breakthrough cases, NEWS10 was able to get the number of new cases in fully vaccinated residents for Albany and Saratoga. Out of 622 cases from September 26 to October 2, 294 were in vaccinated residents, or approximately 47%, reported by Albany County Tuesday. The majority of vaccinated residents who have caught COVID have been spared serious illness requiring hospitalization.

“Of the 35 Albany County residents who are hospitalized with COVID, 74% are not vaccinated, while 26% are fully vaccinated. This is the highest percentage of unvaccinated individuals in the hospital we’ve seen yet in our weekly reports. Between these numbers and the loss of another county resident to the virus overnight, we’re reminded how important it is to get the shot to protect ourselves and loved ones from serious illness,” said Albany County Executive Dan McCoy on Tuesday.

The percentage of vaccinated to unvaccinated reported having COVID in the last seven days in Saratoga County isn’t quite as high a percentage as Albany County but it’s close. Out of 450 cases in the last week, 200 were in fully vaccinated residents or 44%.

The New York State Department of Health now has a website tracking the number of breakthrough COVID cases along with the estimated effectiveness of the vaccines. From May 3 to September 6 the effectiveness has decreased from 91.9% to 77.2%. Data on the website shows the vaccines are still between 90-95% effective at keeping people from getting seriously ill.